Information for wigs

Whether you want to change your look for a night out, to simplify life when you’re travelling or because of illness, ELLÉGANCE offers high-quality wigs in every style and colour. They’re ready to wear and all are available for the same price. Our hairpieces are comfortable and natural looking.

Our collection consists primarily of “100% Kanekalon” Japanese synthetic fibre. This fibre is very similar to human hair. Wigs made with Kanekalon are lighter and breathe better than those made with human hair, plus they’re easier to care for. They are comfortable and can be adjusted at the back of the neck.

You can have them personalized by your favourite hairstylist.

Our “MONO” prostheses are hand-woven into the cap, strand by strand. This gives them the appearance of real scalp. Usually much more expensive in stores, ELLÉGANCE prostheses are all sold at the same price.

Our “3/4” prostheses can be used to create a special look. Whether the hair is attached to a cap, scarf or hairband, you’ll love them! Some of these models are made with HEAT-RESISTANT synthetic fibre, which can be curled since it will tolerate heat up to 180 degrees.

Make an appointment with an ELLÉGANCE product advisor at one of our sales outlets or the fitting room at our warehouse.