Wigs - helpful hints


During cancer treatment, your hair might fall out, or it may become thinner and sparser. Hair loss is often temporary and your hair will grow back once treatment has ended.

Hair loss is probably the most visible and often the most traumatic side effect of cancer treatment.

To help make the transition easier, here are a few tips:


As soon as you have your treatment dates, make an appointment with an ELLÉGANCE product advisor at one of our sales outlets or our warehouse (Thursdays only). She will help you choose a style.


Consider getting your hair cut.


Don’t shave your head, as nicking your scalp increases the risk of infection.


When your hair starts to fall out, wash with a mild shampoo and conditioner, gently sponge with a towel, gently brush your hair and protect it from the sun by wearing a hat. Above all, avoid hair dryers, curling irons, heated rollers and straighteners.


Wear your wig for short periods to start. This way, your natural oils will soften the inside of the cap and make it more comfortable when it is on your head.


Invest in a wig stand so you can air it while not wearing it. When shopping for a stand, choose plastic over polystyrene, which does not let the wig breathe and might stretch it out.


In some cases, wearing a cap under the wig will protect a sensitive scalp.